About Sunil

sunil jaganiSunil Jagani is the founder of AllianceTek, an IT service provider, and an insight generator. He knows how to use technology towards scaling your business and make better decisions at every step.

Sunil believes, one of the great transformations in business is happening now, but not everyone is well-equipped to keep up with it. And, he doesn’t blames the businesses for that. Being for more than 20 years in the industry, he has realized that service providers on whom business rely for their IT needs do not cater to each organization in an effective way.

In order to scale your business, you need customized solutions that has been tailored and purpose-built to suit your framework only. And, creating on-demand business intelligence solutions is only possible when you explore and analyze the organization in depth as well as identify its potential.

A Wired-For-You-Only Approach

Solutions generate the real return of investment only when they are wired exclusively for the business.

To create such solutions requires a new level of insight into the business. AllianceTek uncover new insights by working on three different levels of a business:

  • Tactical Level – Assessment of the state of current resources, processes, systems, and other indicators to develop appropriate level of knowhow.
  • Technology Level – Identify the existing technology that is used by the company, its efficacy, and capability in meeting rapidly developing IT standards.
  • Target Level – Examining the objectives and delivery roadmap to build a plan that will help amplify results and increase performance

With all the data collected, we carve intelligent solutions that creates meaningful impact.

Only One Goal – Satisfy Your Customers

Sunil believes businesses that want to scale big must have only one goal – “satisfy my clients”. It is, therefore, the responsibility of us IT service providers to empower businesses and make them incredible so that they never miss an opportunity.

Scaling Businesses since 2004

Sunil’s AllianceTek works with businesses more like a technology partner and delivers end-to-end services that leads to better results. Coupled with it is the flexibility to change or accommodate with new updates and needs so that the solutions can be used for long-term.

The influx of businesses in AllianceTek has never ceased since we started in 2004.

AllianceTek’s core expertise lies in building solutions based on leading platforms such as Android, SalesForce, SharePoint, iOS, and many others.

In this website, Sunil Jagani will be sharing insights on various trending technology topics and how they can help in shaping up your business. His blogs on key IT such as BigData, Cloud Computing, Mobile Technology, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and many other topics will help you understand how you can use them to your advantage. Stay tuned.

Sunil Jagani is the founder, President, and Chief Technology Officer of AllianceTek. He is also the Strategic Co-partner of Stratus Interactive and Expert Solutions. His company AllianceTek, a rapidly developing IT firm, is headquartered in Pennsylvania and has 8 different branches located in America and India.