Did You Switch To These 5 Business Intelligence Trends Of 2017 Yet

Top 5 business intelligence trends of 2017 - By Sunil Jagani

Top 5 business intelligence trends of 2017 – By Sunil Jagani

Innovation is happening at the speed of light in the business world. From budding entrepreneurs to established organizations, the industry is brimming with modern technology. Spreadsheets have taken a backseat and interactive data visualization is spearheading every plan of action. Mundane tasks easily taken care of due to digitization no longer require the attention of any human personnel. In short, business intelligence has completely overturned the way an organization saw its day to day affairs.

2016 has reached its tenure and the world is ready to switch to a new year. However, as a business, how ready are you?

Business intelligence has revolutionized the way organizations operate. Whether it is big scale operations such as manufacturing and production or small scale like retail, advanced techniques and analytics are doing most of the talking. Business intelligence or BI has become the de facto tool that every business is using today to harness the power of its resources and gain competitive advantage.

2017 is going to be the most competitive year for every industry. If you want to race past your competitors and gain the same control and agility for your business, switch to the following 5 BI trends, which will most certainly be the highlights of 2017.

Cloud Analytics

Move all your operations to cloud if you haven’t already yet. The transition to cloud has accelerated and believe it or not, in a few years almost every small or big company that you see out there will reside and function in cloud. Businesses who are still adamant and unwilling to accept this drastic transformation will have no options left. Cloud is reigning and will continue to do so and there is no getting away from that

Advanced analytics is going to be much more accessible!

Data Governance

2017 is going to be a year that will strictly focus on data governance and quality. Data governance implies the standards that needs to be maintained when it comes to data-related matters. Data is useful only when it is well-managed, authentic, clean, secured, and centralized. Data governance looks into the implementation of various methods and applications that will help meet your business needs and nurture a culture of advanced analytics.

People have started working in data in more natural ways!

Embedded BI

2016 was a highly productive year that saw the development of various technologies that can be embedded into your current IT infrastructure to provide advanced reporting functionality. With real-time analytics, interactive dashboards, intelligent alerts, and innovative data visualization features, embedded business intelligence will fill the gap between theory and practice.

Modern BI becomes the new fundamental!

Data Visualization

With all those advancements in screen size resolution of all kinds of screens you are surrounded by, data is going to achieve a more perfect visualization. It has been found that business experts innovate at a spectacular speed when they have a better visualization of the data supplied. Effective data exploration tools allows you to dig deeper and gain insights that will ensure long term success.

Invest on different data visualization tools that will help your experts discover the relationship between data elements spread across various channels of your business.

Get data driven by 2017!

Customized Analytical Applications

It is no more about how bigger applications your company is using or what the size of your data is. It will be about whether you are able to put it into use or not. Volume and complexity of organizations requires customized analytical applications if they want to see some real output.

Set aside the hype and stop shooting aimlessly at large targets. It will be more useful if you have tools that will provide you the ability to collect data at a granular level and perform more contextual analysis of your demographics.

It’s not all about the Big Data!




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