Essential Leadership Qualities

Essential leadership qualities by Sunil Jagani












Building a successful business requires various elements to come together, yet one of the most important elements, the “secret sauce” if you will, is leadership.  Every business needs a thoughtful leader that can spearhead growth.  I recently read an article about JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, that discussed what he said is essential to be a great leader.  The article highlighted his three best tips for anybody who wants to become a better business leader.  Here’s what they had to say:

Always be transparent: Transparency is an essential part to building a business culture based around trust.  If employees think you’re hiding information from them, that will damage morale and make people not feel valued.  By sharing such information as strategy, new initiatives and financial performance, you can help your employees feel as though they’re a trusted part of the business.  It will make them feel happier and more engaged.  

Address any conflict immediately: If you ignore conflict, more often than not it won’t simply go away, but rather become bigger and bigger until it’s finally addressed, or more likely blows up in everybody’s face.  Leaders should encourage open communication among employees; nobody should ever feel uncomfortable or unable to speak their minds at a meeting.  Meetings are pointless if people can’t speak their mind and contribute.  

Experience your business firsthand: When businesses grow, leaders often become disconnected from what truly drives the organization.  It’s hard to make great decisions by simply sitting in your office and thinking carefully.  Rather, try connecting with employees at all levels of the organization to see just what they do, and welcome their feedback.  


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