Hiring Talent and Scaling Quickly

Hiring Talent and scaling quickly by Sunil Jagani












While scaling is hardly a novel concept, it’s rapidly gained popularity in the startup community.  It’s taken by those startups that have proven that they have legs.  When a business starts to scale, it’s a sign that the company has overcome the initial hurdles that claim the lives of countless startups.  It means that it’s time to start focusing on building the right team to take the business to the next level.  Many entrepreneurs have trouble scaling properly while also recruiting the best possible talent.  I recently came across an article written by the co-founder of Bizzabo, where he discussed some of the principles they follow.  Here is what he had to say:

Create a recruitment marketing plan: Treat your candidate funnel in the same way you treat your sales lead funnel.  To increase the volume of applicants and attract the right candidates, you need to build a solid recruitment marketing plan with clear goals that are aligned with your growth goals.  This should define the ideal candidate profile, the desired deadlines and the necessary activities for hitting your goals.  You can try paying for ads targeting talented people on LinkedIn, or maybe creating high converting landing pages that clearly articulate the desired skills, company culture and perks.

Only hire “A players”: Scaling offers a chance to onboard some incredibly talented people.  Each new person hired should be more talented than whoever was hired before them.  Following this principle helps entrepreneurs build a continuously capable company.  This cycle will put you on the path to creating a company that becomes more talented and driven with time.

Look for potential future leaders: Look to hire people with the potential to lead teams, and avoid those who are a great fit for a current open position but lack enthusiasm or an ability to grow.  By hiring people who will be able to lead teams in the future, you’ll be making a flexible workforce while also helping establish the groundwork for promoting from within.

Don’t compromise on culture: Company culture isn’t about being friends with your coworkers, but rather about hiring people with a set of values that mirrors your own company culture, such as ownership, communication, results and respect.  People often respect and appreciate those with similar values and achievements.  By hiring people with a shared set of values, you pave your way towards a great company culture.

Interview enough candidates and move fast when you have to: The best way to understand who is and isn’t a great fit for your company is to meet a lot of candidates; the best ones will be able to stand out from the crowd.  When you find somebody you think is a great fit, move fast to acquire them.  

Have a great training plan: To get the most out of the people you hire, have an effective onboarding plan in place; you’ll want to invest at least as much time in training talented people as you do in finding them.  The onboarding process needs to clearly articulate what it means to work for your company, laying out the values, challenges and how employees work together.  Answering these questions will help better motivate your new hires, so make sure you create an onboarding plan that allow new employees to be happy and productive as quickly as possible.  


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