Hiring the Right People

Hiring the right people by sunil jagani













When you’re the head of a department, you find yourself responsible for hiring.  When you’re hiring, often times it’s important to consider yourself a guide first and foremost, who can lead a potential hire to greatness.  I recently came across an article that shared some things to look for when you’re hiring.  Here’s what they had to say:

Passion: Job openings often attract competent candidates, who are perfectly qualified and could do well at the job.  Yet real passion is what truly makes the difference.  This is easier to spot when you’re hiring from within, but even in an external applicant pool, the job-seeker with passion will show.  Go beyond the resume, and let the candidate tell their story.  

Curiosity: There isn’t much that prospective employees can’t learn about a company online.  This information helps attract better talent to a company, but also allows somebody that’s hiring to instantly weed out any “superficial’ applicants.  Ask specific questions that somebody wouldn’t know unless they did their homework.  Superstar candidates have studied up and used as much information as possible.  

Fearlessness: The Japanese have a concept, “kaizen”, meaning continuous improvement.  It’s based around a drive to succeed, not just at work, but also with their personal lives and hobbies.  It’s an element of personal “fearlessness”, not being afraid to reach higher.

Fast learning: A prospect needs to be able to absorb new learning, integrate that learning into existing plans and practices, and finally do all of this quickly.  As technology rapidly changes in the modern age, this is a fundamental skill set that requires a sharp-minded dot-connector to master.  

Fit: Rockstar talent has got plenty of options in any industry.  Employees want more than just interesting work with a paycheck.  They also want their job to be emotionally and socially fulfilling.  You need to hire talent that will be a good fit for the culture in place.  


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