Some Tools For Product Feedback

Tying in with the last post I put up, I wanted to provide some tools that you can use to easily grab feedback from customers or leads. These make the process of validating and improving your product much easier and allow you to move a lot quicker.


This is a great all around tool for you to get the necessary feedback you need. It has many uses and can be inserted into any kind of marketing funnel or customer service flow that you have set up. I’m not going to go over all of the features, but essentially you can create a wide variety of surveys that you can send to customers to find out what they like and dislike. A simple survey sent out to an email list can lead to a wealth of knowledge for you and your team.

Get Satisfaction

This tool is all about grabbing feedback and input quickly. While SurveyMonkey has more broad use, Get Satisfaction is hyper-targeted to one purpose. The core functionality of this product is tied in with their widget that you can embed on your site. This allows a more organic and constant stream of feedback to be sent your way so you can always iterate on features and changes and not dig yourself into a hole.

In the next post I will share two more tools that I love using for getting feedback from your customer base. These can be easily used and cost nothing which I think is huge for first time entrepreneurs. The less you have to spend initially the better. The main purpose is to get actionable information and make the changes you need so you can grow or improve your business. Stop by soon to check out the next post!

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