The Go-To Channels To Scale User And Customer Growth

Many people get caught up talking about all the million different ways that you can attract users to your product or service. This is an exciting topic to talk about and certainly leads to a lot of compelling ideas. The issue with this is that many inexperienced entrepreneurs jump right to the abstract without ever getting a grasp on the basics. This post covers some of the straightforward groups of scalable growth channels that you can utilize for your company.

Paid Acquisition:

Paying for customers and users is something that is frightening to a lot of people initially because it requires an initial investment. However, if you can get to the point where you know how much you can afford to pay for a new customer from a certain source you are in great shape. You will have to learn about conversion and cost per acquisition to make this work for you. Some examples sources of paid acquisition are Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, and media buys.


This is another very attractive way to scale user growth that has gotten a lot of press with some of the large tech startups lately. Basically this is when you know a new customer or user will get another to join as well. This is something that is very tricky to master and really requires a great product and user flow. If you can pull it off you will be in a great spot.


This is a classic growth source that works great for many companies. Essentially this comes down to having good sales people in your company and finding the best approach and ideal customer to contact. Once you have this down you can let your sales team run with this and bring you all the leads and customers you can handle!


SEO stands for search engine optimization. Without getting too technical, this source of growth comes from traffic from search engines. When people are searching for a product like yours or are asking questions that your product solves, if your website shows up in the search engines they are more likely to click on it and become a customer or user. The reason why this is so scalable is that if you have a good SEO strategy you can get to the point where you will have multiple search queries driving you traffic (for free!) on a consistent basis.

I hope you enjoyed this quick list of scalable growth options for your company. I would love to hear feedback or learn what worked for you!


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