Two More Customer Feedback Tools

In the last blog post I shared a couple tools that you can use to start getting some feedback from your customer base so you can improve or build your product. There are a couple more that I want to share here that I think will be really helpful for you to understand. Understanding what your customers are thinking is one of the most important parts of business yet many people overlook this in favor of a “big idea” or clever marketing. While these two have their place, understanding your customers and getting feedback from them will lead to more informed decisions in the long term.


This is a fantastic yet simple tool that can help anyone start getting feedback to their website quickly. This tool is a little widget that pops up in corner of your site that allows people to answer surveys you might have for them or ask questions. The functionality is quite simple but the development behind the tool is great. It is reliable and you can trust the metrics that it shows you if you are interested in figuring out the response rate and such. It is a paid tool but you can get a 14 day trial. If you are trying to save money you can utilize the free trial to get some quick insight for a couple weeks, then improve your product after.


This is one of the more overlooked resources for gathering customer feedback. If you have an email list this is a direct line to building a fantastic relationship with your prospects and your list. Not only this, you can use it to ask them how you can improve your offerings. This doesn’t have to be fancy either. A simple “how can we do better?” email will go a long way and show your customers that you are committed to making improvements and providing them with a better product. No matter how small your email list is, you should be using this as a way to understand your customers a little better.

Thanks so much for reading this blog series! I have a few options for another series that I want to start in the future, so stop by soon!

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